1. Liferay is a Mature Enterprise Opensource solution:

Liferay is a mature Enterprise Open Source (fully supported) product – 24x7x365 platinum support with 1 hour response time SLA;

This includes access to all service packs, hot fixes, notifications of security alerts, phone and web based support. Liferay’s open architecture and its open source

nature help you avoid lock-in to a single proprietary vendor. It has Built-in Web Content Management, Document Management, Collaboration Suite, Social and Computing Mash up.

2. Total Cost of Ownership:

When you pick Liferay Portal your organization will  profits from an incredibly low total cost of ownership and high ROI.

While different portals make you pay for extra peculiarities, Liferay Portal accompanies in excess of 60 tools, in excess of 20 themes, and various developer tools.

We give you however many assets as could reasonably be expected to perform whatever it is that you need to do (web publishing, collaboration, social networking, administration, etc.) at no extra cost.

Also, as Liferay Portal is the main Enterprise portal leader available with no software or fittings plan, you are not bound to utilizing a specific IT stack and put resources into just what you requirement for the life of your portal projects

3. Rich Out-of –the-Box (OOTB) functionality:

Its rich out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality enables to choose from over 60 to customize your work environment. Included are Liferay CMS and Liferay Collaboration offering web publishing, content management, collaboration and social networking.

Liferay Portal provides more out of the box Portlets than any other portal on the market

4. Capacity to accomplish more within Budget:

Every other portal product needs Extensions or addition to provide extra functionality but with Liferay has lot more inbuilt functionality to become a complete Opensource enterprise portal solution and there is a lot more opportunity to accomplish more within budget.

5. Product innovation:

Leaders in introducing new capabilities may it be portal structure, content or social collaborations

It hooks, Plugin extension allows doing product innovation by modifying functionality without writing codes for scratch.

  • Portlets: web applications that run in a portion of a web page;
  • Themes : look and feel of pages;

  • Layout Templates : ways of choosing how the portlets will be arranged on a page;
  • Hooks : allow overriding the portal core functionality;
  • Webs : regular Java EE web modules designed to work with the portal, like ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), SSO (Single Sign-On), etc.
  • Ext : use ext environment as a plugin.

mPower is a global leader on Portal space with proven expertise on technologies like Liferay, Dotnet, Mongo DB, IBM Web Sphere, and Microsoft SharePoint.

We deliver enterprise portal solutions that enable our customers in leveraging competitive advantage and help them derive maximum value for their investments.

We are a one stop portal development company – offering full cycle services from conceptualization to completion of portals.

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