MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database designed to support and run large applications of today with various data types. As a Big Data solutions provider, we have acquired expertise in using MongoDB for various kinds of large scale applications including those developed on Liferay, in which we have deep technology knowledge. Being open source and general purpose in nature, MongoDB can be used in a variety of environments in a cost effective manner. Given our prior experience with MongoDB, you are assured of faster development times and a smooth implementation.

MongoDB supports big data, content management and delivery, mobile and social, customer data management and other features that are part of enterprise applications today. These requirement arise with several clients from across domains and preexisting technology platforms. mPower can help bring the power and flexibility of Mongo DB to your applications.

Apart from Mongo DB, mPower has experience working with other database technologies like noSQL, object databases, Amazon dynamoDB, etc. mPower can thus work in several existing technology environments.

From conventional websites and web apps to today’s single page applications, mPower’s delivers the entire gamut of applications for a web audience.