For mPower, mobility is not just good-to-have but it is a must-have. Our capabilities in the mobility space include development of standalone apps for Android and iOS, and extend to adapting the power of Liferay, the leading open source portal framework to the mobile platform.

With Liferay, mPower can deliver a complete portal experience on multiple device types, thereby making a portal or an ecommerce website truly device agnostic. We have expertise with HTML5, which is a device agnostic language. Websites and portal solutions developed with HTML5 are mobile friendly and the underlying code allows for quick changes and customizations

mPower develops B2B ecommerce mobile apps using Liferay or any other suitable approach. Knowing that our customers’ customers are active on mobile devices, our ecommerce portal solution includes B2C ecommerce development. Be it Liferay or HTML5 or any other technology, mPower has deep expertise in ecommerce mobile app development.

Our product development strategy includes SMAC – social media, mobility, analytics and cloud. A well thought out and executed SMAC inspired product will be able to harness the powers of each of these components for business goals. At mPower, we can bring analytics to the mobile for business executives on the go, or bring data from your customers’ behavior on their mobile devices (accessing your app or website) for analytics and BI. Mobility for us is not just a standalone solution, but part of the entire development philosophy.
Solution Highlights:

  • End to End application development – conceptualization to delivery
  • Develop apps for different platform – Apple iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.
  • For Portals – we offer responsive UI to cater to the mobile needs
  • Follow industry standard methodologies and proven frameworks like Agile, Scrum and CMM Level
  • Expertise to develop B2B and B2C mobile applications