Our experience in working with portals of various kinds has led us to develop a specialization in ecommerce website implementation with our clients regarding us as ecommerce portal experts. mPower can build ecommerce websites on different frameworks as may be necessary to meet specific requirements and scalability. Ecommerce can be implemented either via Liferay using suitable portlets and customization, or by using out-of-the box ecommerce portal technologies like Zend, magneto, opencart and others.

Many such ready-made ecommerce portal technologies like magneto are available in free / open source form as well as paid enterprise editions. Being magneto portal experts, we help our customers choose the version that suits their unique needs best, and we implement the same for them.

While having vast experience with the following ecommerce portal frameworks, we have also undertaken building custom ecommerce solutions for clients whose specific business requirement necessitated a tailor made ecommerce solution. mPower has experience and expertise in all approaches to developing ecommerce websites.

With either approach, the ecommerce solution has the following major features:

  • Includes Both Store Front End and Catalog Administration Backend
  • Works for both product and services selling
  • Supports Enterprise Selling Models in B2B mode
  • Extensive Search and Reporting
  • Includes Recommendation Engine