From cloud enabling services to building cloud management tools

mPower’s expertise in the area of cloud computing covers several dimensions. With knowhow of the two common cloud services, Azure and AWS, we offer cloud enablement of our other services in various configurations – hybrid cloud, internal cloud, or public cloud. Our homegrown mPride portal, for instance, can be cloud enabled for cloud portal development, thus giving customers benefits of cost efficiency, redundancy, performance, or a combination of the three.

The cloud collaborative framework that is part of mPride can enable collaboration tools that can be used across teams, locations and from outside the enterprise network too if need be. Cloud workflow integration can work with existing workflow or project management tools.

Our understanding of cloud and virtual environments spans beyond cloud-enabling different services. Recently, mPower implemented a virtual server management console for a major cloud computing provider. This tool is used by customers of this provider to manage their own virtual environments. This tool acts as a sandbox between the vast pool of compute and storage resources at the provider’s backend and a customer whose business requirements drive provisioning and scaling. Having developed tools such as this, we understand the nitty-gritties of a cloud environment – a learning that helps us optimize every cloud implementation we offer the world.

Our end to end Cloud Portal solutions are aimed at:

  • Building a Seamless Ecosystem – Web Services, SOA, ESB, Service Catalog, Migration
  • Collaborative Framework that unites Users (internal/external) – SSO, LDAP, IDM, Dashboards, User Account/ Profile, Groups and Roles, WCM, White Labeling, Channel Partner Enablement
  • Business Processes Workflow Integration – JBPM5 based WFM, On-boarding, Provisioning Process, Maintenance (Service Item Management, Ticket Management)