Through a partnership with Cubeware, we offer our customers an end-to-end BI implementation, from requirement gathering, analysis, domain specific customization to support and services around the BI product.

mPower also works with many other business intelligence reporting technologies to enhance productivity of business analysts by enabling them with BI reporting tools, and maintaining information consistency in an organization.

Our experience in working closely with various industries such as education, travel, internet (portals and ecommerce) and others has put us in a special position to leverage our business and technology knowledge in our BI implementations. Retail business, both online as well as brick and mortar, rely heavily on customer behavior data. Our choice of BI products can help turn that data into intelligence with mPower building business analytics for retail.

For the purposes of flexibility and cost mPower has worked on using open source frontends like Liferay with different leading business intelligence and analytics engines. For example, we can successfully executed deploying an SAP BusinessObjects instance for a major Middle East supplier of pipes to the oil industry, using Liferay as a Frontend. Similarly, for the national government of a major Asian country, we deployed JasperReports for analytics and Liferay for UI.

mPower helps shorten the implementation time and associated costs, and more importantly, ensures that the BI product or solution meets its business goals of empowering senior executives and leaders to conduct business more effectively and efficiently. For the busy business decision maker on the go, a BI mobile app keeps him / her properly appraised of the company’s business intelligence and analytics.