Ahmed Hasan, is a senior architect and trainer of international repute, he understands the needs and the limitations of the readers. Hence this book is drafted to be easily understood by a novice programmer but it also addresses the challenges faced by a seasoned programmer as well.

  • Written by a hard-core Liferay Architect: The Author has extensive experience in architecting high end solutions of large enterprises. This book covers his vast understanding and exposure of this technology.
  • Techno babble inscription: This book is narrated in a lucid style and simple language to make it more comprehendible for developers and professionals across the globe.
  • Coherence and flow: All the topics in the book are built around a hypothetical “Library Management System”. This gives the reader an opportunity to map the topics with its appropriate applications.
  • No abstract examples: All the code examples are very relevant to the central theme of the book and have been thoroughly tested by experts.
  • At the best syntax: The book covers best practice, programming patterns in depth.
  • Concepts Explained: The basic concepts are detailed after every chapter and in an easy to understand language.
  • Challenges to Readers: Within each chapter there are practical challenges for the reader to resolve. This makes the learning more lively and intriguing.
  • Real-time Simulation: Overall the book simulates the experience of classroom training and self-paced learning in combination.
  • Compatibility: This book is draught to be compatible with the latest version 6.1.1 GA2 and the upcoming version 6.2.X of Liferay.