A travel agent friendly suite that makes business measurable, scalable and intelligent

mPower Travel Suite or MTS, is a travel agency software product developed in-house with a goal to make the software a one-stop-shop to IT-enable all aspects of running a travel agency. mPower has consulted with various stakeholders in the travel industry, including a major airline based in the Middle East, to understand the nuances and pain points of the industry while building this travel suite. While booking engines are aplenty, they still rely heavily on manual intervention and data input by an employee. For BI or analytics that a mid-sized or larger agency would need, they typically need to add a third party BI kit over and above the booking engine to get any sort of a performance dashboard for business leaders.

Our product, MTS, addresses all of these issues and more, by bringing in nifty features out of the box. For instance, MTS provides a front-end to an agency’s customers, allowing them to initiate or change a booking order by just logging on to the tool using a browser. There’s greater transparency and reduced manual interactions for routine transactions. A visa processing module is also integrated into MTS, thus reducing the manual labour and repetitive data entry into different tools.

MTS also integrates a performance tracking tool to audit employees, as well as external sub-agencies’ performance against set goals, bringing a much needed dashboard view for agencies. They can optimize their client relationships and incentivize their agents, without needing to integrate data between different tools or maintain traditional spreadsheets.

With our deep domain knowledge in the travel vertical, we are in a position to address the needs of the industry through MTS, which is built ground up to be more than a traditional booking engine. MTS incorporates the SMAC approach, where social media, mobility, analytics and cloud are treated as intrinsic to a solution.

 The mPower Travel Suite Solution is: 

  • User friendly, affordable and saves customer (agency) time and increases revenue
  • Helps agency to know their client base and focus on their marketing efforts
  • This is a web based solution hence agency can access it anytime, anywhere via internet

 Core business objectives:

  • Development of CRM
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Credit Control
  • e-Marketing
  • Admin and integration with GDS
  • B2B and Back Office application
  • Automated reporting

 mTS Solutions – mTS project implemented with the following goals:

  • Create a detailed client and vendor profiles and implement personalized marketing
  • Agents share valuable client profile data because CRM is running on agency intranet
  • Shares the Trams Back Office database and provides Agents live access to Travel & Payment
  • Controls Agent Access with built-in security, configurable with roles
  • Streamlined marketing with Point-and-Click codes
  • Generates targeted client lists with flexible queries (Combines History and Preferences in one Query to find a target market)
  • Saves time and duplication with Merge to PNR
  • Advanced query and reporting
  • Merge to PNR allows agents to push profile data directly into the PNR
  • Import PNR segment details into Client Base quickly and efficiently
  • Manage trip details including reservations, agent to-do lists, itinerary printing and invoice, and inventory management
  • Live Connect to third-party web-based booking engines to seamlessly pass agency login and client data to the supplier booking site AND import reservations from the booking engines back into customers’ profiles within Client Base
  • Create multiple reminders to help remember common tasks such as collecting deposit, last payment, checking for documents, making welcome home calls – all at one time
  • Print client quotes, or Trip Proposals to provide a format friendly print out of reservations you have made that does not coincide with receiving payment from your client