Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

mPride is an enterprise collaboration portal with nifty built-in HRM modules that caters to multiple dimensions of employee engagement in medium to large enterprises. It removes the need to use multiple tools for employee facing functions like engagement activities or collaboration.

Not only does mPride bring in a full-fledged social collaboration tool and an employee collaboration portal to a business, it also offers common features that are in the realm of standalone HRM tools. On the social media front, it includes current generation approach of a ‘wall’, tickers and feeds with updates from contacts, a messaging client, collaboration tools, document sharing, etc. Of course, this is hosted within the enterprises’ firewall, but can also be run off its local infrastructure, thereby alleviating privacy concerns and also adhering to compliance and regulations.

On the HRM side, mPride includes a leave management module that simplifies leave management without the use of a standalone tool only for this purpose. Its timesheet management feature can help in billing customers and keeping track of employee utilization. Small-medium enterprises where custom building a full-fledged HRM suite is not feasible, would find the features a welcome addition to their IT setup.  This enterprise intranet portal is scalable from small to large implementations.

mPride can be effectively used to implement a complete SMAC stack – social media, mobile, analytics and cloud. This rather new industry concept holistically approaches these components instead of module-wise.  Thus, each of these areas can leverage one another. Since mPride already has social, mobile, BI / analytics already built in, SMAC can be easily achieved.