mPower Foundation is a charitable arm of mPower Group and a registered NGO committed to the betterment of the needy in the field of education, leadership and health. This initiative is the heart and soul of mPower Group of Companies where a part of the annual profits are contributed back to the society through mPower Foundation. The vision of mPower Global comes to a full circle with this initiative.

mPower Foundation empowers the needy by funding educational scholarships, leadership development programs, emergency medical support and monthly provision distribution. We are in process of hosting a comprehensive portal to help people around the world to access and reach maximum and help needy in a systematic manner.

A)    Project ABB – Alhamdulillah Bread Basket

[Give fish to those who cannot fish]

Amidst the most sought after commercial and residential space in Koramangala the hub of development and news, a pocket of about 20,000 square feet stands out as one of the biggest and the dirtiest slum of Bangalore. An estimate of 3000+ families live in this inhabitable area bang opposite to the National Games Village Complex.

The infamous slum is called EWS. mPower Foundation has taken up an initiative from 2010 onwards, to support 180 of the most desperately dependent families who cannot fend or earn for themselves.

A basic monthly ration provisions parcel consisting of rice, wheat, lentils and few essentials are delivered to these 180 families month on month.

A track of these families is maintained through a process of regular surveys to check on the authenticity of the families’ dependency.

A private ration card awarded to the beneficiary and an excel tracker carried by our volunteers ensures fair and justifiable distribution. A total team of more than 30 volunteers apart from our own employees drive this initiative.

B)    Project A2G – Ants to GiAnts

[Teach fishing to those who are capable]

Closely associated to the EWS slum, is a government school where many of the children from this slum study. This school, Govt. School in Yellaondapalya, Austin Town, Bangalore has over 400 students. mPower foundation supports these young souls on empowerment programs, motivational classes, support sessions for academics, academic projects, clubs, language classes support, soft-skills training, study skills and exam preparation.

Over 25+ mPower foundation volunteers are engaged with the primary and high school students for the entire year to empower them and give them a ray of hope for their future. This has resulted in the pass percentage boomerang from a 33% to a 60% in the first year. Though challenging, this is one initiative we would like to go on in the spirit of making these young ones love learning and eventually be agents of change in the slum.

mPower Foundation also supports needy students in funding their fees both studying in this school as well as other educational institutions. This is carefully done through a verification process to confirm the need and the disbursement is done directly to the institution.