mPower has worked closely with several medium and large organizations in the travel domain including, but not limited to travel agencies, hospitality and major airlines. We understand the travel industry from both ends of the business – the traveler who is getting increasingly demanding, and the business owners who need business intelligence to optimize processes in order to maximize profits.

mPower Travel Suite or MTS, is a product developed in-house with a goal to make the software a one-stop-shop to IT-enable all aspects of running a travel agency. mPower has consulted with various stakeholders in the travel industry, including a major airline based in the Middle East, to understand the nuances and pain points of the industry. When we develop and deploy our travel suite for agencies, they accrue benefit from all our experience and expertise in this domain.

While booking engines are aplenty, they still rely heavily on manual intervention and data input by an employee. A mid-sized or larger agency would typically need to add third party BI kits over and above the booking engine to get any sort of a performance dashboard. With MTS, BI is an in-built feature. You may think of MTS as an online ticket booking software, but one that is immensely more powerful and does much more.

Our bouquet of products and services for the travel industry cover travel portal development, enterprise systems, modernization of legacy tools, re-engineering of processes, ecommerce, transaction processing systems, back-office solutions, travel suites and loyalty management solutions.

As a technology provider and partner to the travel industry, we offer:

  • Increased ROI on IT capital expenses
  • Reduction in IT operation expenses
  • Ability to integrate IT, BPO and infrastructure services to create innovative solutions
  • Access to mPower’s R&D innovation labs and co-innovation network.

 Some of the customers who are leveraging mPower’s critical travel solutions include:

  • ABB
  • Qatar Airways
  • Travelocity
  • Mashlabs