From a purely human expertise and institutional legacy based approach, the education sector is fast lapping up technology in order to create differentiators as well as bring in process efficiency. Alongside the increased demand for education, the competition to provide quality education has also increased. This is where technology enablement can be the differentiator between becoming a sought-after institution and remaining as just-another-institution. From admissions and test processes to university collaboration and managing alumni network, mPower’s campus management software can help institutions in multiple dimensions.

Some of the features of our services for the education sector are:

  • Effective tracking of recruitment, registration, faculty related information and student academic records
  • Single data repository for enterprise wide information
  • Platform for accurate financial scrutiny and improved cash flow, tracking receivables and making effective decisions
  • Other tailored solutions relevant to specific institutes

Education industry as a vertical has tangible and intangible assets which are required to be maintained in an effective way. mPower has an effective mechanism to manage and grow required real-time accessibility of information without compromising on accountability.