Although there are a number of solutions that cater to the Travel Agents industry, however, there is a need for an integrated solution, which has multiple GDS integration, Credit control, and business intelligence module and performance reports.

The core business objectives are:

  • Comprehensive CRM for Travel Agency
  • Integrated view of customer from Agency perspective
  • Includes Visa Management and Incentive Modules
  • Multi-Dimensional View of Data to help in Decision making
  • Alerts, Bells and whistles to address credit control
  • Integration with multiple GDS in the backend


The following are solution highlights

  • User friendly, affordable and saves time and increases productivity
  • Helps agency to know their client base and focus their marketing efforts
  • This solution is web based hence agency can access it anytime, anywhere via internet.
  • Detailed client and vendor profiles with personalized marketing
  • Agents share client profile data as CRM runs on agency intranet.
  • Shares the Trams Back Office database and provides Agents live access to Travel & Payment History
  • Controls Agent Access with Built-In Security, configurable with roles
  • Streamlines marketing with Point-and-Click Codes
  • Generates targeted client lists with flexible queries (Combines History and Preferences in one Query to find a target market)
  • Saves time and duplication with Merge to PNR
  • Advanced query and reporting
  • Merge to PNR allows agents to push profile data directly into the PNR
  • Import PNR segment details into Client Base quickly and efficiently
  • Manage trip details including reservations, agent to-do lists, itinerary printing and invoicing, and inventory management
  • Live Connect to third-party web-based booking engines to seamlessly pass agency login and client data to the supplier booking site AND import reservations from the booking engines back into customers’ profiles within Client Base
  • Create multiple reminders to help remember common tasks such as collecting deposit, final payment, checking for documents, making welcome home calls — all at one time
  • Print client quotes, or Trip Proposals to provide a format friendly print out of reservations you have made that does not coincide with receiving payment from your client


Comprehensive and Integrated CRM and operations solution for the Travel Agencies