Information Security Blogging (ie: ClickJacking)

“Click Jacking” commonly refers to “UI Redressing Attack” in the field of Information Security. It is a browser based vulnerability, since it is browser based vulnerability which could affect any user, regardless of their OS. The intention is clear, getting the user to click on a link which the publisher/attacker would like to get hits […]

Retrieving data from IBM Informix 11.5 Dynamic Server in Liferay 6.2 CE

Informix Dynamic Server   Informix Dynamic Server, also known as IDS, is an extensible Relational Database Management System originally developed by Informix Software Inc. (originally Relational Database Systems, Inc). IDS is now part of the IBM Software Group database portfolio. Pre-requisite: Informix dynamic server installed and configured   How to Configuring Informix in liferay …? […]

Building a Big Data Portal using Liferay and Mongo DB | mPower Global Inc

Build a Big Data Portal using Liferay and Mongo DB mPower Global Inc., As a thought leader in Opensource Technologies with over 10+ years of rich experience in providing content managementand enterprise portal solutions we observed the following change in market dynamics. The content is growing big, really big (volume) The unstructured (variety of) content […]

Top 5 reason to choose Liferay for Enterprise portal development –mPower Global

1. Liferay is a Mature Enterprise Opensource solution: Liferay is a mature Enterprise Open Source (fully supported) product – 24x7x365 platinum support with 1 hour response time SLA; This includes access to all service packs, hot fixes, notifications of security alerts, phone and web based support. Liferay’s open architecture and its open source nature help […]