Build a Big Data Portal using Liferay and Mongo DB

mPower Global Inc., As a thought leader in Opensource Technologies with over 10+ years of rich experience in providing content managementand enterprise portal solutions we observed the following change in market dynamics.

  • The content is growing big, really big (volume)
  • The unstructured (variety of) content is now becoming a business need for customers to process
  • Customers wanting to capture smart information (meta-data) about the content (Complexity)
  • Need to provide high performance and secure access of content to variety of applications and devices(Velocity)

In 2010, the world produced over 1 zettabyte of data; by 2015, we will produce approximately 7 zettabyte a year. Much of this data surge is caused by a significant increase in devices located at the periphery of  the network including tablets, and smartphones with growing needs of market for solving the problem with high volume of dynamic data and powerful presentation of it Big Data was born

 What is Big Data?

Its is a Web based solutions which provides a centralized and massively scalable data storage system without compromising on the powerful presentation capabilities of a portal such as rich user interface, collaborations and secure access.

We found the best way to develop scalable big data solutions with what we are best at integration of Mongo DB with Liferay

 How does MongoDB enhance Liferay?


  •   Leverages Auto sharding & replica set features
  •   Elasticity in scaling storage – go up or down

Cost Effectiveness

  •   Commodity Hardware
  •   Eliminates need for high-end storage systems

Agility & Performance

  •   Faster Development
  •   Easier Deployment
  •   Flexible & Schema less

Large Object Storage & Centralized Data Management

  •   GridFS enables large binary objects like images, Video or Audio
  •   Simplifies Management of data
  •   Single system to manage structured & unstructured data

How does Liferay enhances Mongo DB?

Rich Front End

  •   Powerful websites consisting of
  •   Gadgets & Portlets – Portions of a Web page that may be Complete application
  •   Pages & Themes – Common, Consistent look & feel across multiple pages
  •   Navigation – Menu bar , Tabs, Links

Secure Views to data

  •   Role based
  •   Site based
  •   Login status based

Mobile Integration

  •   Data access on the go
  •   Different Themes for Mobile – HTML5, CSS3

Flexible Architecture and Lean Platform

  •   Use of Open standards, Web services and integration tools
  •   SOA

Conclusion : 

Mongo DB enables Portals for scalability (for huge volumes of data) and flexibility (schema-less content).

Liferay’s rich user interface, security, content management, social and mobile features complement Mongo DB’s powerful storage features.

Big Data Portal with Liferay and Mongo DB provide higher ROI to enterprises and lower TCO

At mPower we can deliver you powerful and highly scalable Big Data portal using liferay and Mongo DB


mPower is a global leader on Portal space with proven expertise on technologies like Liferay, Dotnet, Mongo DB, IBM Web Sphere, and Microsoft SharePoint.

We deliver enterprise portal solutions that enable our customers in leveraging competitive advantage and help them derive maximum value for their investments.

We are a one stop portal development company – offering full cycle services from conceptualization to completion of portals.


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