Information Security Blogging (ie: ClickJacking)

“Click Jacking” commonly refers to “UI Redressing Attack” in the field of Information Security. It is a browser based vulnerability, since it is browser based vulnerability which could affect any user, regardless of their OS. The intention is clear, getting the user to click on a link which the publisher/attacker would like to get hits […]

Retrieving data from IBM Informix 11.5 Dynamic Server in Liferay 6.2 CE

Informix Dynamic Server   Informix Dynamic Server, also known as IDS, is an extensible Relational Database Management System originally developed by Informix Software Inc. (originally Relational Database Systems, Inc). IDS is now part of the IBM Software Group database portfolio. Pre-requisite: Informix dynamic server installed and configured   How to Configuring Informix in liferay …? […]

Partnership with Skali

mPower has signed a historic partnership with Skali the IT giant of Malaysia. A delegation of over 35 businessmen led by The Honorable Dato’ Sri Mustapha Mohamed, Minister of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia and FKCCI delegation led by Sri. Shivakumar stood as witness to this signing at The Ritz Carlton in Bangalore on January […]

CRM Solution

Although there are a number of solutions that cater to the Travel Agents industry, however, there is a need for an integrated solution, which has multiple GDS integration, Credit control, and business intelligence module and performance reports. The core business objectives are: Comprehensive CRM for Travel Agency Integrated view of customer from Agency perspective Includes […]